The Board’s Role in Fund-raising and Development

Understand the role that the nonprofit board of directors plays in fund-raising and the overall efforts of your organization to increase its strategic alliances/circle of support. This interactive training session includes a presentation, participant workbooks (with resource guide), a facilitated group activity, and guided discussion.

The Keys to Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Volunteers are a huge resource in the nonprofit community. Make the most of this untapped resource as you learn new and innovative ways to recruit, train, manage and recognize volunteers. Includes a presentation, guided discussion and participant worksheets.

The 6 M’s of Nonprofit Capacity Training Series
6 part series covering the 6 "M"'s of Nonprofit Capacity.

Customized Training
Don’t see the topic you are looking for? A. Vlangas Consulting is happy to work with you to develop the customized training that you need in order to develop your staff, board and volunteers. Contact us today at 401-297-8531 for a no obligation exploratory meeting or quote.

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Creating an Effective Fund Development Plan

Move from the “fundraiser to fundraiser” approach to a strategic and effective plan for fund development. Through this informative and interactive workshop, participants will learn what goes into creating and implementing a fund development plan that fills their organization’s needs and fits within the market in which they operate.

Social Networking for Nonprofits

Are you confused about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and just what Social Networking is? Do you want to learn about how to use blogs, email newsletters and other internet tools to market your nonprofit? Come learn more about these exciting tools and how they can benefit your organization.

Get on Board!

Engage both new and seasoned board members with this workshop designed specifically with them in mind. Help board members understand topics such as mission-based leadership, board member roles and responsibilities, governance, committee structures, interaction with staff, and becoming advocates.