"Amber came into a difficult changeover in our non-profit and was able to evaluate the situation, get us focused on the mission, and helped us lay out a strategy that would help us achieve our goals. She was professional, attentive and had done her home work which helped her maximize the effort within the parameters she was given to work in." 

Tony Zontini - Assistant Director of Development, Judeo-Christian Outreach Center

“Amber is a creative, strategic thinker with the ability to solve complex problems and overcome unexpected challenges. She helped move our organization forward during a critical point in its history.”

Frances Fuller - Board Chairperson, Diabetes Association, Inc.

"I worked with Amber to facilitate a series of ongoing strategic development training sessions & workshops for a local non-profit group. Amber developed the curriculum, training materials, exercises/facilitations/activities and content. Amber skillfully wove in additional training and facilitation on conflict resolution as that emerged as a high priority need. The training was successful and well received. Amber is very knowledgeable and experienced within the non-profit sector; I highly recommend her firm."

Kelly Pearson - Vice President, T.D. Madison & Associates

"I felt Amber's training was so valuable to our organization. As someone who is learning how to run and manage a young non-profit, I thought the topics covered were so valuable in giving us insight, tools and a plan to build an infrastructure that will foster growth. It was very helpful to identify our needs and set long and short term goals. I can’t say enough about how great the session was!"

Heather Malsin - Vice President, Julia's Wings Foundation

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