A. Vlangas Consulting is built upon the philosophy that there are 6 core areas that nonprofits must focus on in order to grow, increase their capacity, and be effective in the pursuit of their mission. Amber has named these areas the 6 “M’s” of nonprofit capacity ™.  No one of these areas can be deemed less important than another.  The 6 “M’s” are illustrated in the logo as dots that must remain connected in order for the nonprofit to succeed. A. Vlangas Consulting is dedicated helping non-profits connect these dots, enabling them to be more efficient and effective.

  • Mission
  • Method
  • Message/Market
  • Money
  • Management
  • Maintenance/Planning

Interested in learning more? These concepts are explored in-depth in our 6 part training series entitled The 6 “M”’s of Nonprofit Capacity: Connecting the Dots to Build a Healthier and More Effective Organization. Contact us today to book the series or an individual session.Type your paragraph here.

Our  Philosophy

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